A strength and conditioning programme designed for cyclists to compliment your "on the bike training" emphasising strength and power for optimal benefit. Train at home or at your gym, with live and on-demand workouts suited for your convenience.


Access to a structured workout library

Each workout is stored in our workout library for you to do redo at any time.

Access to mobility and technique library

Weekly mobility sessions are include to provide an all round training experience.

Access to full exercise library

Demonstrations of each exercise featured are uploaded to help you perfect your form.

Community engagement and expert support

Join a global cycling community on our platform and get expert advise on training matters.

self assessments

Every 12 week period will include a self assessment for you to complete to assist you in managing your progress and efforts.

3 x new workouts per week

Each week you get three new workouts loaded so you never have to do the same session twice.

Periodised Programming

Muscle Activation Orientated

Stability Training

The Cycling Strength programme developed by Biokineticists at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa focuses on recruitment of crucial stabilisers around the lower limb, teaching fundamental movement patterns that translate directly into the cycling pattern, optimising single-leg stability, alignment and control through range of motion. We aim to improve their strength and endurance as weaknesses in stabiliser muscles surrounding the lower back and hips, as well as muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies increase the risk of overuse injury. Research has shown that 'heavy' resistance training has the most profound beneficial impact on cycling economy and time trial performance. In essence this programme will help take the thinking away from the 'accessory work' cyclists are often told to do and help transform your body into a more balanced, supple and stable cycling frame that is less likely to become injured and more likely to make meaningful progress in your cycling journey.

Strength building

Fundamental movement patterns

Balance and Proprioception

functional movement

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R199 Per month

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The cycling strength programme is a monthly subscription, which includes options for gym-based, home-based, and virtual training with live feedback.​ You receive a weekly training plan with three scheduled workouts, refreshed weekly along with once-a-week online mobility and technique sessions with live feedback​.​ Assessments are included to help you monitor your adaptation and progression with educational guides and a video content library that show you the correct execution of exercises.

You may choose to join the programme at any point during the year. If you would like to cancel your subscription you may do so up until 3 business days prior to when your next payment is due. Please feel free to contact us at info-academy@ssisa-academy.com in order to process your cancellation.
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