A 12 week programme at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa to compliment your "on the bike training" emphasising strength and power in phases, for optimal benefit

Appropriate for novice and elite cyclists

Focus on foundations

The programme focuses on building the foundations of correct neuromuscular firing patterns, active and strong hip, knee and ankle stabilisers and control through range of motion.

Cycling specific traits

The neuromuscular adaptations are then harnessed to develop cycling-specific muscle endurance, strength and power.

Mobility sessions

Dedicated day for mobility each week live with our Yoga Guru Olivia Bloomer

Cross training

This programme is the perfect cross-training strategy to correct imbalances or weaknesses whilst continuing to build your cycling capacity.

Free webinars included

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The Cycling Strength programme is a periodised and structured cycling strength & conditioning programme 

The balance between mobility and cycling specific strength & conditioning is designed to enhance overall cycling performance and reduce risk of injury.
  • These exercises will improve the activation and engagement of particular muscles that are often under-utilised and/or weak, improve their strength and endurance as weaknesses in stabiliser muscles surrounding the lower back and hips, as well as muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies increase the risk of overuse injury
  • Research has shown that 'heavy' resistance training has the most profound beneficial impact on cycling economy and time trial performance.          
  • You will also have access to a live mobility session each week that is designed especially for unlocking tight or restricted areas commonly found in runners.
  • In essence this programme will help take the thinking away from the 'accessory work' cyclists are often told to do and help transform your body into a more balanced, supple and stable running frame that is less likely to become injured and more likely to make meaningful progress in your cycling journey.

Periodised Programming

Distinct phases emphasising balance and proprioception, activation and stability, muscle strength-endurance and power.

Activation Orientated

Special focus on muscle activation and recruitment. 

Stability Focused

To reinforce a well-balanced cycling outcome.



@ 17:30
Strength & Conditioning


@ 17:30
Mobility with Olivia (ONLINE)


@ 17:30
Strength & Conditioning


Cycling related webinars


Enhance Performance | Reduce injury | 

The benefit of training with biokineticists is the hands-on approach to ensuring you go through the motions correctly, safely and get the most out of the session.

Instructed by:

Warwick Cross
Exercise Science (Biokinetics).
BSc (Med) Hons. 

Warwick is a High Performance Biokineticist that has a special interest in working with all disciplines of cycling. Warwick has worked with novice cyclists in increasing their ability and performance on the bike. Warwick has a track record of working with professional cyclists during their training for world cup races, Olympics or grand tours. Warwick has experience in training individuals in groups as well as one on one and ensuring that each individual is able to learn as much about their training while reaping the performance benefits..
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I'm fit enough to join this programme?

Our Cycling Strength programme is periodised meaning you will be guided through different training phases to improve on your current fitness level. Even though this is a group based programme, we emphasize individual development and focus on your own personal strengths and weaknesses to get you stronger on the bike

What if I have pre-existing injuries?

As we are medical professionals, we first assess each of our clients prior to the programme and ensure that all individual's needs, injuries and weaknesses are taken into account in order to modify the movements throughout the programme to accommodate existing injuries and assist in strengthening the muscles to reduce further risk of injury.  

I'm a road cyclist, will strength training benefit me?

Yes. Off the bike training is beneficial to all disciplines of cycling. This programme is designed to strengthen the general muscle groups that are involved in Improving performance on the bike. Including off the bike training into your training routine will not only increase your power output but also your short and long term endurance which will directly affect your performance on the road.

Will I put on weight doing strength training?

You may find that you will increase your muscle mass through the programme. However, this is not "bad" weight. This is a initial response to resistance training and can be expected as your move through a strength phase. This increase in muscle mass should result in an increase in power which will be beneficial on the bike