High Performance: youth athlete development seminar: Part 2 - Sound Medical Advise

This seminar is based on the Long-Term Participant Development model presented by SASCOC. This model describes many aspects of sport, participation and high performance development. SSISA aims to shed light on High Performance, Sport Medicine, Injuries and the benefits of sleep as they pertain to young athletes and their development.

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Meet the Speakers

Dr. Leigh Gordon, MBChB, MPhil SEM
Sports Medicine Physician
Sports Medicine in the context of Sports Performance. Outlining how injuries are treated from the perspective of a Sports Medicine Physician

Rashaad Jakoet, MPhil Sport & Exercise Physiotherapy
Sport and Exercise Physiotherapist
Injury Management, Treatment and Techniques. The best practices in Sport and Exercise Physiotherapy to aid in recovery and return to play/competition.

Dr. Dale Rae, MSc, PhD
Sleep Scientist, Exercise Scientist
Sleep Health, Sleep Hygiene and Sleep Science. The essentials in sleep and the implications a lack of sleep has on overall health and wellness among adolescent athletes.

Calvin Sinnett, BTech & Sean Pincus, BTech
Foot health and care, orthotics, and steps to follow in foot injury/condition (covering all aspects of the foot from the ankle to the phalanges).

Patrick Jones - Course author
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