A 12 week programme to compliment your "on the bike training" emphasising strength and power in phases, for optimal benefit

Appropriate for novice and elite cyclists

Minimal equipment 

Perfect for home based or on the go workouts

Compliment your ride

Won't hinder your current cycling plan

Mobility sessions

Dedicated day for mobility each week live with our Yoga Guru Olivia Bloomer

Live virtual classes

For location flexibility and contactless training

Free webinars included

Get exclusive access to free monthly webinars included with your programme

The Cycling Strength programme is a periodised and structured cycling strength & conditioning programme 

The exercises require minimal equipment and are focused on recruitment of crucial stabilisers around the ankle, knee and hip, teaching fundamental movement patterns that translate directly into the cycling pattern, optimising single-leg stability, alignment and control through range of motion as well as balance and proprioception: 
  • These exercises will improve the activation and engagement of particular muscles that are often under-utilised and/or weak, improve their strength and endurance as weaknesses in stabiliser muscles surrounding the lower back and hips, as well as muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies increase the risk of overuse injury
  • Research has shown that 'heavy' resistance training has the most profound beneficial impact on cycling economy and time trial performance.          
  • You will also have access to a live mobility session each week that is designed especially for unlocking tight or restricted areas commonly found in runners.
  • In essence this programme will help take the thinking away from the 'accessory work' cyclists are often told to do and help transform your body into a more balanced, supple and stable running frame that is less likely to become injured and more likely to make meaningful progress in your cycling journey.

Periodised Programming

Distinct phases emphasising balance and proprioception, activation and stability, muscle strength-endurance and power.

Activation Orientated

Special focus on muscle activation and recruitment. 

Stability Focused

To reinforce a well-balanced cycling outcome.



@ 17:30
Strength & Conditioning


@ 17:30
Mobility with Olivia


@ 17:30
Strength & Conditioning


Cycling related webinars


Enhance Performance | Reduce injury | 

The balance between mobility and cycling specific strength & conditioning is designed to enhance overall cycling performance and reduce risk of injury.

Instructed by:

Warwick Cross
Exercise Science (Biokinetics).
BSc (Med) Hons. 

Warwick is a High Performance Biokineticist that has a special interest in working with all disciplines of cycling. Warwick has worked with novice cyclists in increasing their ability and performance on the bike. Warwick has a track record of working with professional cyclists during their training for world cup races, Olympics or grand tours. Warwick has experience in training individuals in groups as well as one on one and ensuring that each individual is able to learn as much about their training while reaping the performance benefits..
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

Will the live session be available after the class if I miss the class?

Yes, all classes will be recorded and a link to the recording will be shared within the summary of the week. The link will be available approximately 1 hour after the class has finished. So you are able to catch up any session at a time which suits you.

What equipment do I need to join this programme?

The minimal equipment that you need for this programme will be a elastic exercise band that has a medium resistance. You will also need a step/ chair that is about knee height and that Is able to hold your body weight if you stood on it. In terms of weights If you do not have a selection of dumbell at home I would suggest making use of Items around the house such as a 5l water bottle, bag of pet food, gas bottle and normal water bottle for light weights.

When is the best day to do strength training?

There is no particular day that is good for strength training. However you should plan the days that you do your strength (off the bike training) around your riding programme. Your strength training days should be after any key sessions and not before days that have Intervals due. Ideally you would want to do your strength day after intervals with a recovery day following. what has worked well for previous riders Is having strength on Monday and Thurday with the mobility/ recovery session on a Wednesday. 

I'm a road cyclist, will strength training benefit me?

Yes. Off the bike training is beneficial to all disciplines of cycling. This programme is designed to strengthen the general muscle groups that are involved in Improving performance on the bike. Including off the bike training into your training routine will not only increase your power output but also your short and long term endurance which will directly affect your performance on the road.

Will I put on weight doing strength training

You may find that you will increase your muscle mass through the programme. However, this is not "bad" weight. This is a initial response to resistance training and can be expected as your move through a strength phase. This increase in muscle mass should result in an increase in power which will be beneficial on the bike

What do I do after the Cycling Strength phase 1 programme?

This programme is designed to introduce you to a periodised off the bike training programme to improve your performance and comfort on the bike. We have two phases post this programme that take you through your paces, increasing your knowledge on how to perform fundamental exercises with the correct technique. With this new knowledge you will be able to continue training with structure learnt from our programmes.

Our clients love us

"Marginal gains differentiate a good athlete from a great athlete. If executed properly, a cyclist's strength, core and mobility are vital components in improving performance. 

SSISA's cycling strength programme has definitely assisted in achieving a high level of competency and compliance within a structured workout that is necessary to achieve consistent improvement. The biokineticists provide valuable knowledge and insight throughout the course of the programme that is beneficial to all cyclists. Thank you for your commitment, dedication and motivation to make goals achievable."
"Having experts create a focused cycling training programme has been fantastic and motivating - really feeling the benefits on the bike. 
The SSISA team know what they are doing, kept me motivated with a challenging and focused programme."
The strength training for cyclists has been amazing. I feel the exercises are always different and always challenging. It definitely works all the right muscles. I feel stronger and can see so many improvements in strength and flexibility. Warwick and Rachel are both so good at bringing out the best in their athletes."