Over the 12 weeks you'll be training live with biokineticist, Suzana de Pina, who has developed a 12 week programme suitable to those looking to get moving. Perfect for moms on-the-go, those that sit at a desk all day or are looking to lose weight the healthy way. You will be training online from the comfort of your own home.

12 progressive weeks
3 live workouts per week
1 fortnightly check-in with your trainer
1 webinar per month

Access for 20 weeks Enrollment closed
Suz is an advocate for HIIT (high intensity interval training). When applied appropriately and done correctly, can be hugely beneficial to those looking to get in a quick workout and reap bigger rewards. Suz developed the Shape-Up programme to be the most effective and efficient way to get moving, lose weight and improve your health.
Let us keep you motivated and accountable with fortnightly one-on-one consulations with your traininer, and by joining the discussions in our community group .
We will also keep you informed and educated with a monthly webinar to help you understand the approach required for sustainable health and lifestyle changes.

Start low and go slow...


Research has shown that high intensity interval training has the most effective results when it comes to weight loss and has shown to have lasting effects even after your workout has ended. 
HIIT has proven greater results than steady state moderate intensity exercise, and this training modality can be adapted for all individuals, despite orthopaedic or chronic conditions.


Exercise can help protect us against and even minimise our risk of comorbities (health related diseases and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, etc.). There is a dose response with exercise because the more you do; the greater the benefits.
One should be achieving at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

Suzana de Pina

Suzana de Pina

BSc (Hons) Biokinetics

Registered biokineticist, manager of the long running and successful Healthy Weight programme at SSISA and lead biokineticist for Shape-Up Programme at SSISA Academy. Suz is an adventure junkie and has a great passion for leading her clients to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. 
Her whole career has been pivoted around training clients with comorbidites, so Suz really understands how to get you healthy and lean with appropriately structured exercise regimes that are not intimidating.
As her favourite saying goes: 'start low and go slow.' 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Will the live session be availbe after the class if I miss the class?

Yes, all classes will be recorded and a link to the recording will be shared within the summary of the week. The link will be available approximately 1 hour after the class has finished. So you are able to catch up any session at a time which suits you.

1. How does HIIT work and will I be able to keep up?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can easily be modified for people of all fitness levels and special conditions. HIIT workouts provide similar fitness benefits as continuous endurance workouts, but in shorter periods of time. This is because HIIT workouts tend to burn more calories than traditional workouts, especially after the workout (yes, you continue to burn calories post workout). We will use a variety of exercises and work on time-based intervals. You will work at your own pace under the guidance of a biokineticist. Exercises will be modified if need be. 

2. What equipment do I need?

We recommend having a mat for any floor-based exercises. We will make use of common household items for weights such as water bottles or tinned cans. Otherwise, you will need a chair and a mat (or soft surface / a towel). You are more than welcome to buy your own equipment should you wish.

3. What can I expect from this programme?

This programme is designed to boost fitness levels and kickstart your weight loss journey. Whether you are reasonably fit or starting from scratch, you will learn correct exercise technique, learn about the various exercise components and how to create a impactful and sustainable exercise routine. We believe that exercise is medicine and look forward to sharing this journey with you. 

4. What if I have an injury?

This programme is periodised so that you will start slow and progress each week. We can always modify exercises if you're finding the movements too difficult or if you experience any pain. Please let the biokineticist know of any injuries (past or present) that could affect your ability to exercise and we will provide an alternative to keep you working at the desired intensity.



"Marginal gains differentiate a good athlete from a great athlete. If executed properly, a cyclist's strength, core and mobility are vital components in improving performance. 
SSISA's cycling strength programme has definitely assisted in achieving a high level of competency and compliance within a structured workout that is necessary to achieve consistent improvement. The biokineticists provide valuable knowledge and insight throughout the course of the programme that is beneficial to all cyclists. 
Thank you for your commitment, dedication and motivation to make goals achievable."
"Having experts create a focused cycling training programme has been fantastic and motivating - really feeling the benefits on the bike. 
The SSISA team know what they are doing, kept me motivated with a challenging and focused programme."
"The strength training for cyclists has been amazing. I feel the exercises are always different and always challenging. It definitely works all the right muscles. I feel stronger and can see so many improvements in strength and flexibility. Warwick and Rachel are both so good at bringing out the best in their athletes."