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Our RIPT training programme is a hybrid of strength, muscle building and power training.

This is primarily a gym based programme, with live and on-demand workouts suited for your convenience.  


Access to a structured workout and mobility programme

Our Biokineticists have designed an ongoing exercise regime which is periodised and structured

Access to technique library

The technique library showcases a short video of  each exercise incorporated into this programme to encourage correct form

Access to full exercise library

You'll have access to all historical workouts in the programme

Community engagement and expert support

Engage with likeminded fitness enthusiasts as well as our experts for support and advice

self assessments

Our Biokineticists have developed a self assessment that tracks your progress

12 weeks of structured exercises

There 3 workouts prescribed per week for you to take with you into the gym or to be done at home

Mobility and movement techniques

Cardiovascular and cross training

Muscle and strength building

RIPT (Researched Innovative Performance Training)
was developed by Biokineticists at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and has been a pioneer in combining Olympic lift training with reduced risk of injury.

Olympic lifts

High intensity interval training

Strongman exercises 

Functional movement


Build strength using the most effective research-backed methods.
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Achieve and maintain peak physical conditioning.​


Convert strength into speed and power. 
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Join us for 12 weeks!

The RIPT programme is a 12 week programme, which includes options for gym-based, home-based, and virtual training with live feedback.​ You receive three scheduled workouts weekly.​ Assessments are included to help you monitor your adaptation and progression. ​Educational guides and a video content library that show you the correct execution of exercises.
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Course contents

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