The Running Strength programme is developed by runners for runners with a scientific, periodised approach that is scalable to all levels. Led by biokineticists and physiologists the programme is designed based on an understanding of running gait, running physiology, of the adaptations needed to succeed and how to train for these. 

The programme focuses on building the foundations of correct neuromuscular firing patterns, active and strong hip, knee and ankle stabilisers and control through range of motion. These adaptations are then harnessed to develop running-specific muscle endurance, strength and power. 
This is the perfect cross-training strategy to correct imbalances or weaknesses whilst continuing to build your running capacity during the winter months in preparation for races in the second half of the year.

MONDAYS @ 13H00 AND 17H30

The benefit of training with biokineticists is the hands-on approach to ensuring you go through the motions correctly, safely and get the most out of the session.

12 periodised weeks
3 sessions per week
1 webinar per month

12 periodised weeks
3 sessions per week
1 webinar per month

 Access for 20 weeks 

Do you find there is not enough time to accumulate the mileage and time on the legs to prepare for your target race? 
Or have you found that with a shortage of races to train towards, your running has reached a plateau? 
Running-specific strength and conditioning may be the boost you need to acquire the adaptations needed for your race, in a short period of time, and in structured, scientifically-backed way. Running-specific strength and conditioning will confer a noticeable impact on your running speed, your running economy, your capacity to power up hills and withstand the heavy loads of running downhill.


Research has shown that 'heavy' resistance training has the most profound beneficial impact on running economy and time trial performance.


Weaknesses in stabiliser muscles surrounding the ankles and hips, as well as muscular imbalances and strength deficiencies increase the risk of overuse injury. 

David Leith

David Leith

David Leith, BSc (Hons) Biokineticist
MSc Exercise Science
David is a Senior Biokineticist within the High Performance Centre at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. 
David is a strength and conditioning specialist with a passion for running and rehabilitation of running-related injuries. His forte is helping others improve their running capacity, and to remain injury free. When not coaching you will find David on a local trail or in the gym perfecting his Olympic lifts. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I know if I'm fit enough to join this programme?

Our Running Strength programme is periodised meaning you will be guided through different training phases to improve on your current fitness level. Even though this is a group based programme, we emphasize individual development and focus on your own personal strengths and weaknesses to get you stronger on the road and trails. 

2. What if I have pre-existing injuries?

As we are medical professionals, we first assess each of our clients prior to the programme and ensure that all individual's needs, injuries and weaknesses are taken into account in order to modify the movements throughout the programme to accommodate existing injuries and assist in strengthening the muscles to reduce further risk of injury.  

3. I don't want to get big and am worried doing gym training will make me big and slow?

This programme is for runners of all levels and with varying degrees of resistance training experience. The exercises focus primarily on basic movement competence, body awareness and muscle recruitment patterns, using only bodyweight or very light added resistance that is entirely up to you. As you become more familiar with the type of exercises and stronger, the exercises become more challenging and you may add load as needed.



"The strength work really packs a punch.
I am a big fan of the mobility exercises as well, I think it’s an aspect too often overlooked for runners.
I really appreciate all the effort going into each class, each week.
Also very grateful for the recordings since work does not allow me to do it live at home."

- Bianca

"I find the programme very valuable, and can already feel a difference.
The exercises are challenging and I am especially grateful that we are able to do these remote. "

- Annmarie

"Overall, I've seen a massive improvement in my strength and endurance. Hills have always been a nemesis for me, and I wouldn't say they are getting easier - I think I'm just getting better at doing them quicker!
 Initially this programme was recommended to me for injury prevention... I haven't had any issues with niggles since I started and I really believe it's because of the programme.
The increase in load on the legs has just made me so adaptable in terms of different terrains, time and mileage."

- Adrienne