This once-off session is the first step to supplementing the Shape-Up programme with Psychology support, which is an integral part of obtaining a healthy body and mind.

Assess your mental wellbeing and needs

Access for 12 weeks
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The benefits of adding Psychology to your Shape-Up

Self management

Many people have the intention (and even the knowledge) required to make a change, but fall short on the actual implementation. This offering provides an opportunity to get some feedback and recommendations on how psychology could help to bridge this gap.

Build trust in yourself

Trust in one’s ability to follow through on the promises one makes to oneself, is key to maintaining positive changes (to diet or activity levels). This kind of trust can be deliberately developed over time.

Personal growth

While there are some basic concepts which are probably useful to everyone, the individual nature of this offering allows for tailoring to each person’s specific needs. 
Clinton has run the psychology practice at SSISA since its inception in 1995. He focuses on health and sport psychology, and is passionate about helping people to make - and most importantly - to maintain a healthy lifestyle. His style of work is practical, short term and solution-focused. 

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. I’ve never been to a psychologist before, what can I expect? 

There are many different approaches to psychology. This offering focuses on practical tools that help people to manage themselves better. Clinton’s style is relaxed and collaborative.

2. Is it possible to claim back from my medical aid?

It sometimes is, and sometimes is not, depending on individual scheme details. If requested, we can provide a receipt with the relevant codes, enabling you to try and claim back.

3. What if after this one-off session I want to do more work on the psychology aspect?

Having chosen the ‘Psychology Needs Analysis’, there is an option to thereafter sign up to the ‘Psychology Core Option,' which spans over 12 weeks and allows us to go into far greater detail.