A one-on-one individualised, targeted dietary programme integrated into the 12 week SSISA Shape-Up programme. Offered by clinically trained and experienced registered dietitians.
This programme has been designed to provide you with practical, strategic & evidence-based dietary advice specific to your needs within a structured framework, in way that supports the Shape-Up exercise programme.

Fuel your Shape-Up journey the sustainable way 

Access for 13 weeks
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T H R O U G H T  T H E  
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C O V E R :

Individualized assesment  &needs analysis
Personalized dietary plan
2 x 30 minute follow up sessions

Diet meets Exercise

The impact of diet on health and preventing / managing chronic diseases of lifestyle is indisputable. In terms of weight loss, greater energy deficits can be achieved through adherence to a carefully planned diet compared to exercise alone. Research consistently shows that lifestyle interventions which combine dietary improvements with regular exercise, particularly when sustainable long term, are effective in achieving substantial health benefits together with body composition improvements & improved quality of life.
Thus by combining and integrating the dietary component into the SSISA Shape-Up programme, outcomes can be optimised. 

Custom Approach

Research supports that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to the optimal diet. Essentially, the optimal diet is one that is tailored to an individual in a way that not only enables personal goals for health to be achieved, but most importantly to be sustainable.
The key to customising the dietary intervention involves identifying each individual's needs and preferences, taking into account a range of factors including current diet, medical history, food allergies and intolerances. 

Quality of Life

The most effective dietary strategies to promote long-term adherence and quality of life involves tailored and targeted sequential interventions taking into account metabolic adaptations over time. 
The Core Dietary Program has been designed to be flexible, but is also individualised, targeted and time-based.
Experienced with a deep understanding and appreciation of food, is what registered dietitian, Shelly brings to your table. With years of clinical, sport, community, corporate, food service, media, writing and academic involvement; Shelly has a plethora of knowledge to draw on.
Shelly was involved with the original Weight Management Programme at SSISA from the start, and established the dietary practice at SSISA in 1995 which now boasts a diverse team of highly qualified dietitians. The “plate of food” that Shelly offers is her art.
Designed and tailored for each individual. Respectfully nutritional, colourful, tasteful and wholesome – for optimum and sustainable results.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Will I need to weigh all the food I eat?  

The portion sizes are given using household measures. Initially it is advisable to measure out your portion sizes to get a good idea of what this might look like on the plate. Once you have the hang of this it is no longer necessary.

2. What if I am a vegan or a pescatarian? 

All dietary preferences, tolerances, food allergies and any medical issues are considered when designing your dietary plan. This will take into account strategies to optimize nutrient intake and reduce the risk of any acute or chronic nutrient deficiencies.

3. Why do we need to take into account medications and supplements?

Medications and supplements can have side effects and may also require that you consume food at particular times, therefore the eating plan must account for this. With supplements, many people spend a fortune on unnecessary amounts of supplements and in some cases this can result in an excessive intake of particular nutrients which can have detrimental effects. This is an opportunity for the dietitian to assess this and advise on the best way forward.

4. Am I able to claim from Medical Aid? 

Depending on your individual Medical Aid Scheme details, you may be refunded a portion of the account. If requested, we can provide a receipt with the relevant codes, enabling you to try and claim back.