A 16 week group triathlon training programme  at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, to get you race ready for our mini Triathlon, or simply improve your triathlon performance

Appropriate for all levels of Tri-athletes

Outdoor training

To replicate and accustom you to the natural elements

Indoor strength 

Using a variety of indoor strength equipment 

Progressive weeks

Sessions are structured and include both progression and tapering accordingly


Periodised and structured individual triathlon training programme to suit your pace
The balance between swimming, cycling and running comes down to consistency, strength & conditioning, and practice. This programme is designed to enhance overall performance in all 3 disciplines and reduce risk of injury.
  • Swimming can often be the weakest point of the three disciplines, thus why we focus on getting you confident and strong in the water through pool training as well as open water experience. 
  • Time on the bike as well as time in the gym will improve your cycling performance greatly. Just as important the three disciplines are, so is practicing transitions and focusing on your strong points.
  • Nothing beats kilometers on the legs, coupled with specific running training inside the gym - you'll improve your confidence on the road, your pace and your overall performance.
  • Our Tri-fit programme focuses primarily on improving your weak points and enhancing your strengths.                                                                                     



Swim (Instructor led/supervised) OR 18:15 (Semi-supervised)


Strength Session




Watt-bike session




Brick session/ Openwater swim/ Outdoor session


Brick session/ Openwater swim/ Outdoor session
Optional Masters Swim Sessions
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
12:00 P.M.
If you cannot make any of the sessions above please email Ciara at


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The benefit of training with biokineticists is the hands-on approach to ensuring you go through the motions correctly, safely and get the most out of the sessions and programme as a whole. 

Instructed by:

BSc Hons Biokinetics

Ciara is a High Performance Biokineticist that has a special interest in swimming, triathlons and endurance sports. Ciara coaches swimming on a competitive level, has completed the Half Ironman in Durban herself and is well versed with the intrinsic aspect of triathlon training (transitioning, getting stronger in the water, etc.). Ciara's focus is to get her clients triathlon ready with a consistent and appropriate programme designed to get you through your first or fastest triathlon yet. 

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I'm fit enough to join this programme / I've never done a triathlon before, do I qualify to join this programme?

Our Tri-Fit programme is periodised meaning you will be guided through different training phases to improve on your current fitness level. Even though this is a group based programme, we emphasize individual development and focus on your own personal strengths and weaknesses to get you stronger in the water, on the bike and road.To join the Tri-Fit programme you should comfortably be able to swim 100 - 200m (4 - 8 lengths in a 25m pool), cycle 10 - 20km and run 5km, as individual disciplines. 

 Are all the sessions based at SSISA?

No, most weekday sessions will be based at SSISA and weekend sessions will be off-site (weather dependent). 

What if I have pre-existing injuries?

As we are medical professionals, we first assess each of our clients prior to the programme and ensure that all individual's needs, injuries and weaknesses are taken into account in order to modify the movements throughout the programme to accommodate existing injuries and assist in strengthening the muscles to reduce further risk of injury.  

Do I need my own wetsuit and bicycle?

Initially a wetsuit isn't compulsary, but relatively necessary later down the line (we can assist with picking the appropriate wetsuit for triathlon training and races). You do need a bicycle, beg, borrow (don't steal).

Can I do the Tri-Fit programme if I don't plan on doing the Ironman 70.3 Durban race?

Yes, absolutely. we will be hosting our own mini-triathlons during the course of the programme and more so towards the end. Meaning you will have an event to work towards regardless