transition programme

A 8 week transition programme which will be held predominantly online to maintain or even build your fitness levels as you transition onto your next phase of Tri-Fit training

Appropriate for all levels of Tri-athletes who have completed a previous SSISA Academy Tri-Fit programme.
5 - 8 sessions all prescribed online via Training Peaks. Access to SSISA's Fitness centre and Endurance Studio

Minimal equipment needed

Perfect for home based or on the go workouts

Improvement Prioritised 

Focusing primarily on improving your weak points and enhancing your strengths

Individualised training

Periodised and structured individual triathlon training programme 


For location flexibility and contactless training

The benefit of training with Biokineticist is the hands-on approach to ensuring you go through the motions correctly, safely getting the most out of the sessions and programme as a whole

  • Swimming can often be the weakest point of the three disciplines, thus why we focus on getting you confident and strong in the water through pool training
  • Time on the bike will improve your cycling performance greatly. Just as important the three disciplines are, so is practicing transitions and focusing on your strong points.
  • Nothing beats kilometers on the legs, coupled with specific running training on zoom - you'll improve your confidence on the road, your pace and your overall performance.

STARTS 29 November 2021

SWIM | CYCLE | RUN | #Improve

The balance between swimming, cycling and running comes down to consistency, strength & conditioning, and practice. This programme is designed to enhance overall performance in all 3 disciplines and reduce risk of injury.

Instructed by:

BSc Hons Biokinetics

Ciara is a High Performance Biokineticist that has a special interest in swimming, triathlons and endurance sports. Ciara coaches swimming on a competitive level, has completed the Half Ironman in Durban herself and is well versed with the intrinsic aspect of triathlon training (transitioning, getting stronger in the water, etc.). Ciara's focus is to get her clients triathlon ready with a consistent and appropriate programme designed to get you through your first or fastest triathlon yet. 

Our clients are chuffed with us:

"Marginal gains differentiate a good athlete from a great athlete. If executed properly, your strength, core and mobility are vital components in improving performance. 

SSISA's strength programme has definitely assisted in achieving a high level of competency and compliance within a structured workout that is necessary to achieve consistent improvement. The biokineticists provide valuable knowledge and insight throughout the course of the programme that is beneficial to all. Thank you for your commitment, dedication and motivation to make goals achievable."
"Having experts create a focused training programme has been fantastic and motivating - really feeling the benefits. 

The SSISA team know what they are doing, kept me motivated with a challenging and focused programme."
The strength training has been amazing. I feel the exercises are always different and always challenging. It definitely works all the right muscles. I feel stronger and can see so many improvements in strength and flexibility."