High-Performance Youth Development Seminar - Part 1

Prof. Mike Lambert

Emeritus Professor of Exercise Science
Mike Lambert is an Emeritus Professor in the Division of Physiological Sciences and the Health through Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Sport Research Centre at University of Cape Town (UCT). 

Warwick Cross

High Performance Biokineticist
Warwick Cross is the Programme Manager of the High Performance Centre at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. He is a Registered Biokineticist with the HPCSA.

Shelly Meltzer

Registered DIETIcIAN
Shelly is a Registered Dietician with a MSc in Dietetics and the owner of Shelly Meltzer & Associates practice. Her approaches to nutrition are informed through over 30 years of experience

Neil Tuck

Clinical psychologist
Neil is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with the HPCSA and is the Owner of Performwell. He is dedicated to empowering people and master the performance.
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Exercise Science

By Prof. Mike Lambert, PhD (UCT)
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By Warwick Cross, CSCS, BSc
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By Shelly Meltzer, MSc
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Sport Psychology

By Neil Tuck, MA
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