Lesson series

Energy, Calorie and Weight Balance

In this series we navigate the complexity of calories in vs calories out by exploring energy expenditure, macronutrients, exercise, and weight loss myths.
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Course Lessons


SSISA GRIT Research Consultants

All Research Consultants of SSISA GRIT are students of the University of Cape Town and affiliated with the HPALS Research Centre within the Division of Physiological Sciences, Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Warren Lucas

PhD Exercise Science (c), MA Sport and Exercise Science

Devon Da Costa

PhD Exercise Science (c), MSc Biokinetics

Evan Knight

MSc Physiological Sciences (Cum Laude)

Tim Klein

MSc Exercise Science (c)
To bring you the most evidence-based and cutting information in the fields of sports and exercise science and health, SSISA works alongside the UCT Research Centre for Health through Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Sport (HPALS) to disseminate the latest research. HPALS research focuses on optimizing human performance and promoting health and well-being through physical activity, sports participation, healthy eating and good sleep hygiene. Their work begins at the DNA, to the human performance laboratory and ultimately to the community.
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