How to Build an Endurance Training Programme

Ciara Botha discusses the factors relating to endurance performance and discusses the relative guidelines for endurance training programme design.

Ciara Botha



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What will you learn?

  • An overview of the general physiological responses to endurance training.  
  • Factors relating to endurance performance.

  • Guidelines for endurance programme design. 
  • Various types of endurance sessions. 
  • Tapering prior to an event. 

Who is this for?

  • Exercise professionals looking to better understand the principles of programme design. 
  • All individuals wanting to improve their understanding of why programme design principles are necessary.
  • Coaches looking to refresh and improve the prescription of training principles. 
  • All sports enthusiasts with a passion for improving their own performance. 

For your career

Whether you want to boost your career within your profession or you are working to grow your own knowledge we provide certificates as well as CPD points. 

Course Lessons


Ciara Botha is a biokineticist in the High Performance Centre at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa where she completed her internship and has been working for 3 years since. She is a is involved with pool and strength based coaching of the swimmers of the SSISA Swimming club and runs a triathlon training programme. She also works with a variety of athletes in prehab, rehab and strength and conditioning, specifically swimmers, triathletes, and various individual and team sports athletes. Ciara has a passion for working with young athletes who are building up and starting their careers, and enjoys guiding them through their strength training and ensuring they are constantly learning about their bodies and enjoying their sport. She has also been involved in lecturing different groups of sports science students on various training related topics (periodisation, return-to-play and programming). 
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