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Female Athletes: Health, Hormones and Performance

Devon Da Costa discusses female athletes and all things to do with their health, hormones and performance
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Lesson series

What we will be covering...

In this series, Devon Da Costa provides a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the intersection between female athletes, their health, hormones, and performance. Whether you are an athlete, coach, or simply interested in understanding the unique considerations for female athletes, this series offers valuable knowledge and practical advice for optimizing performance and promoting overall well-being.

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Devon Da Costa

Devon Da Costa is a Qualified Biokineticist completing a PhD in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. Her research is focused on fuelling endurance sports performance through different dietary and supplementation strategies, and she is supervised by A/Prof. Andrew Bosch (HPALS UCT). A part from her studies, Devon also a full time lecturer for SSISA Education.

Email: ddacosta@ssisa.com
Patrick Jones - Course author
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