For Runners: Footwear Choices

We all know someone who swears by barefoot running. We all also witnessed Kipchoge smash a world record in shoes that are quite the opposite of anything similar to minimalist footwear. Barefoot vs Shod running is a hot topic with each perspective debated largely by footwear brands that market those  perspectives respectively.  What exactly is Shod running  and how to you transition from on method to  the other? Our subject matter experts will dissect what it is to use minimalist or shod footwear and leave you with skills that you can easily implement into your training.   As a result, these Skillboosters  will enable you to understand the   purpose behind   the two contrasting opinions,  and measures to take when contemplating a transition  - a skill that you could directly implement   into your practice or coaching spaces. 

Matthew  Swart

Matthew graduated from Stellenbosch University in 2021 with a Master of Science degree (cum laude) in the Sport Sciences field. More specifically, Matthew’s thesis topic focused on the acute differences between minimalist, shod and barefoot running amongst a population of trail runners. Matthew has gone on to present his research at the 1st conference for the South African Society of Biomechanics (SASB). Currently, Matthew is a lecturer at SSISA, where he lecturers on multiple subjects involved in the National Certificate in Fitness. Once a relatively skilled trail runner, now turned amateur mountain biker, Matthew has passion for combining all things endurance and biomechanics.

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