Fuel the Work Required

Applied Research Masterclass
The topic of fuel the work required will provide you with a thorough understanding of the intricacies involved in powering up your athletes for performance with the right fuel in the right context. Sarah Chantler, a subject matter expert in the field of nutrition dissects and explains what it is to Fuel the Work Required. 
As a result of participating in this applied research masterclass, you the clinician will be able to understand fuelling for performance as well as apply the knowledge learnt into your practice and coaching spaces. 
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More About the Speaker

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian from South Africa, but is currently working and studying in the UK. She has ~10 years of experience working in sport and currently consults for a range of teams across rugby league, netball and cricket. Her current research area is around gastrointestinal health in team sport athletes and improving nutrition literacy in adolescents 
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