Fuelling For Your Run

If you've ever felt under-fuelled, dehydrated, or under-recovered following a workout session or on race day, you'll know how much appropriate  fuelling  makes a difference.  From timing your morning coffee to measuring calories relative to your training demands, we all fuel for performance in some shape or form. Our subject matter experts will dissect what it is to fuel for your performance and leave you with skills that you can easily implement into your training.   As a result, these Skillboosters  will enable you to understand the   purpose behind   intentional nutritional consumption of foods, drinks and supplements - a skill that you could   directly implement   into your practice or coaching spaces. 


Associate Professor Andrew Bosch, PhD
Associate Professor Andrew Bosch is an Exercise Scientist based at the University of Cape Town Health, Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Sport Research Centre and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, where he is a lecturer and supervisor of Honours, MSc and PhD students.
A/Professor Bosch is the Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine Endurance Athlete Science & Medicine Interest Group, is Co-Chair of the International Sub 2hrs Marathon Project, and serves on the committees of the International Association of Ultra-Running Scientific Commission and the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Scientific Commission.
Working with DSM South Africa, A/Professor Bosch developed a carbohydrate/ protein hydrolysate supplement that he formulated for a research study, into a commercial product called “PeptoSport”. Aside from DSM, he has generated national and international research funding to support various research studies, including support from national organisations, such as NRF and THRIP.
Professor Bosch has published extensively in the field of performance and sports nutrition, written a number of book chapters, and presented at national and international conferences. He has served on the editorial boards of international journals, and reviews regularly for a number of such journals.
An NRF rated scientist with a C1 rating, Professor Bosch has published over 90 peer reviewed scientific manuscripts in international journals and has an H-index of 26.
Working as an applied running physiologist, A/Professor Bosch has worked with some of South Africa’s top marathon and ultra-marathon runners, including Olympic and World Championship marathon runners, as well as “Two Oceans” and “Comrades” podium athletes. Internationally, he is the sports nutritionist for the Sub2hr Marathon Project, and together with collaborator Professor Yannis Pitsiladis of Brighton University and PhD student Shaun Sutehall, had a role in the nutritional strategies of the second fastest marathoner of all time.

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