Course overview

Increase Muscle Mass

In this evidence-based series, we will bring you the latest research in the topic of increase muscle mass of young athletes and describe the physiological process of muscular hypertrophy. We’ll explore the underlying principles, training techniques, and nutritional strategies that empower athletes to build lean muscle naturally. By the end of this series, participants will possess the knowledge and tools needed to optimize their athletic performance and achieve their muscle-building goals.
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What's included?

  • 9 Chapters
  • 4 Q&A's
  • 1 Certification

Purpose of understanding Muscular Hypertrophy

Coaches and Sport staff (Exercise Professionals and Clinicians) are required to understand the physiological underpinnings of muscular hypertrophy, especially in adolescent athletes, in order to optimise a safe approach to the increase of muscle mass for improved sports performance.

What's in-store?

In this series, you will learn and understand the following:
  • Physiological principles of muscular hypertrophy and its significance for athletic performance
  • Mechanical tension, Metabolic stress and muscle damage.
  • Designing effective hypertrophy workouts.
  • Nutrition for muscular growth

Course Lessons

Meet our SSISA Research Digest team

Warren Lucas

Research and Partnerships Manager

Warren Lucas is an Accredited Sport Scientist (SASMA), completing a PhD in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. His research is focused on designing patient-centred exercise interventions for youth with substance use and mental health conditions in treatment settings. His supervisors are Dr. Sharief Hendricks and Prof. Vicki Lambert (HPALS UCT).

Evan Knight

Research Consultant

Evan Knight is an Exercise Scientist with an MSc in Exercise Physiology from the Stellenbosch. University. He works as a Research Consultant at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, and his research is focused on biomarkers and the intercellular adaptation and communication following different endurance running training regimes in elite runners.

Devon Da Costa

Research consultant & Lecturer

Devon Da Costa is a Qualified Biokineticist completing a PhD in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. She works as a Research Consultant and Lecturer at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Her research is focused on fuelling endurance sports performance through a variety of different dietary and supplementation strategies. She is supervised by Associate Prof Andrew Bosch (HPALS UCT).

Tim Klein

Research Consultant & Sport Scientist
im Klein is an Exercise Scientist who is currently completing an MSc in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. His research focuses primarily on the effects of resistance training on cycling performance. His research is supervised by Associate Prof. Mike Posthumus and Dr. Caroline D’Alton (HPALS UCT). 
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