Injury Prevention Masterclass

Applied Research Masterclass
The topic of injury prevention is neatly packaged and dissected to  provide you with an in depth  understanding of the fine balancing act it  requires to monitor and manage injuries in athletes for continuous high performance.  Dr Leigh Gordon, a subject matter expert in the field of sports medicine unpacks this topic for us. After completing this webinar, you will be equipped with the knowledge on managing common injuries with athletes and clients.
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More About the Speaker

Dr LEIGH GORDON is one of the 3 founding partners at Cape Sports Medicine. She has studied extensively, both locally and overseas, and has chosen to specialise in Sports Medicine with her MPhil (Sports & Exercise Medicine) from UCT. She's also very busy as the team doctor for Springbok Sevens Rugby men’s and women’s teams since July 2015. Dr Gordon is also the Medical trainer for World Rugby ICIR (Immediate Care in Rugby) as well as the Medical Officer for the international Field Hockey association (FIH).
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