Injury Prevention For Runners

No one likes injuries, and if you've ever suffered from one previously, you'll be keen to learn a thing or two about avoiding them in the future.  Endurance athletes specifically endure high training loads and perform repetitive movements in their choice of sport. This combination of traits in conjunction with often neglected strength training, exposes the athlete to a higher risk of  injury. Our subject matter experts will dissect what it is to prevent injury and leave you with skills that you can easily implement into your training.   As a result, these Skillboosters  will enable you to understand the   purpose behind   intentional injury prevention, and measures to take in order to achieve this   - a skill that you could directly implement   into your practice or coaching spaces. 


BSc (Hons) Biokinetics  ,   MSc Exercise Science
David is a Senior Biokineticist within the High Performance Centre at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.
David is a strength and conditioning specialist with a passion for running and rehabilitation of running-related injuries. His forte is helping others improve their running capacity, and to remain injury free. When not coaching you will find David on a local trail or in the gym perfecting his Olympic lifts. 

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