Lecture with Claire walker

Periodisation for Personal Training Clients

The topic of periodisation for personal training clients provides insight into the concept of periodisation and how a personal trainer or fitness instructor can consider the periodisation principles when structuring a clients training program. Dr Claire Walker, a subject matter expert in the field of fitness and education explains an appropriate approach that can be used when designing a program for general population clients. 

As a result of participating in this lecture, personal trainers and fitness instructors will be able to evaluate the principles of periodisation in the context of working with a general population client and apply the  process in your practice or coaching spaces. 

More about the speaker

Dr Claire Walker currently holds a position as a sport scientist and researcher within software company, LifeQ. She also consults as a content facilitator and developer for SSISA Academy. She obtained a PhD from Stellenbosch University in 2020.

Claire has six years of lecturing and facilitation experience within higher education. As a past lecturer at SSISA, her role included the delivery of sport and exercise science-related principles to students enrolled in the Certificate in Fitness. Her main aim was in combining coaching and exercise prescription with scientific principles. Claire’s research focuses on motor learning principles, training load and athlete monitoring. As a sport scientist and researcher, she is passionate about helping people pursue their fitness goals and encouraging the prescription of exercise and physical activity for improvements in health and wellness.
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