Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)

If you've ever felt under-fuelled, dehydrated, or under-recovered following a workout session or on race day, you'll know how much appropriate  fuelling  makes a difference.  From timing your morning coffee to measuring calories relative to your training demands, we all fuel for performance in some shape or form. Our subject matter experts will dissect what it is to fuel for your performance and leave you with skills that you can easily implement into your training.   As a result, these Skillboosters  will enable you to understand the   purpose behind   intentional nutritional consumption of foods, drinks and supplements - a skill that you could   directly implement   into your practice or coaching spaces. 


BSc (Med)(Hons) Nutrition & Dietetics (UCT),   B (Hons) Sport Science (Stell),   Diploma in Sports Nutrition (IOC)
Rowena works with individuals, athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages, sports teams, and coaches. She has a special interest in the female athlete triad and relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S), emotional and disordered eating, and gut health. Her aim is to help people to explore and strengthen their relationship with food, and to find an enjoyable and sustainable way of eating that supports long-term health.

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Cell: +27 82 425 7234

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