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The Sports Science Institute is excited to be a partner with the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon. SSISA will be the Health, Fitness and Wellness partner of the Totalsports Two Oceans Marathon 2024. We will be providing all the sports science expertise and insights, required to complete a successful half and ultra marathon. This will include scientific training programmes for the races at various levels, there will be tips a many, interactive polls, podcast, talks, and community runs. SSISA is so excited to be a part of this iconic race. 

Some inspiring words from our CEO Dr. Mandla Moyo. “We are pleased to once again be associated with theTotalSports Two Oceans Marathon, which continues to grow phenomenally in terms of its impact upon the local and international running community. Our goal for runners remains steadfast and unchanged. We strive to provide scientific sports knowledge and tools to every runner, so that they can perform at their very best, complete their training and race injury free, and most importantly that they enjoy the unique experience that the TotalSports Two Oceans Marathon has cultivated over many decades. For SSISA, every dream achieved by a runner is testimony to our mission of promoting sporting performance and health.” 

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Associate Professor Andrew Bosch, PhD
Associate Professor Andrew Bosch is an Exercise Scientist based at the University of Cape Town Health, Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Sport Research Centre and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, where he is a lecturer and supervisor of Honours, MSc and PhD students.

A/Professor Bosch is the Chair of the American College of Sports Medicine Endurance Athlete Science & Medicine Interest Group, is Co-Chair of the International Sub 2hrs Marathon Project, and serves on the committees of the International Association of Ultra-Running Scientific Commission and the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport Scientific Commission.

Working as an applied running physiologist, A/Professor Bosch has worked with some of South Africa’s top marathon and ultra-marathon runners, including Olympic and World Championship marathon runners, as well as “Two Oceans” and “Comrades” podium athletes. Internationally, he is the sports nutritionist for the Sub2hr Marathon Project, and together with collaborator Professor Yannis Pitsiladis of Brighton University and PhD student Shaun Sutehall, had a role in the nutritional strategies of the second fastest marathoner of all time.

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Research Consultant and Sport Scientist
Tim Klein is an Exercise Scientist who is currently completing an MSc in Exercise Science at the University of Cape Town. His research focuses primarily on the effects of resistance training on cycling performance. His research is supervised by Associate Prof. Mike Posthumus and Dr. Caroline D’Alton (HPALS UCT). 

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Running Strength takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 17h30 at the Sports Science Institute of Soiuth Africa.

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